Derby 4 All :: Want to Play Derby?

Want to Play Derby?

Want to Play Derby?

So you think you have what it takes to play derby or want to be a referee? Visit the links below to get started in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul! The Twin Cities is lucky to have so many great leagues to be associated with for every age and gender. Roller Derby for ALL!!


Women’s Adult Derby

Minnesota RollerGirls (WFTDA) – Four home teams and a travel A and B team, 21+

Minnesota RollerGirls' Debu-Taunts – Recreational league, 18+

North Star Roller Girls (WFTDA) – Four home teams,a travel A and B team, and a Recreational team, 18+

Men’s Adult Derby

Minnesota Men’s Roller Derby (MRDA) – Home teams, travel team, and Fresh Meat Locker, 18+

Junior Derby

Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby (JRDA) – Click here for FAQs. Boys and girls ages 3-17




You can find the most recent ruleset here. Many skaters trying out for the Minnesota RollerGirls and North Star Roller Girls have already been skating and training or have been to many games and already have a good understanding of the game. If you want to play derby you have to know the rules!

Derby Names

Before you pick a name for roller derby (if you choose to do that - some skaters skate under their legal names), please check the International Rollergirls Master Roster. You need to pick something unique, but who knows how long that will last because there are over 700 roller derby leagues in the world right now!