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About Team D4A

About Team D4A

Derby 4 All officially formed in January 2010 after several months of talking about opening a store in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Several leagues exist in the Twin Cities - Minnesota Men's Roller Derby (MRDA), Minnesota RollerGirls (WFTDA), North Star Roller Girls (WFTDA), Minnesota RollerGirls' Debut-Taunts (rec league), and now the Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA).

Our goal from day one has been to help skaters get what they need to succeed at a reasonable price.  We love having booths at events and meeting skaters from around the world! 

Dirty Larry

Dirty Larry, former skateboarder and roller hockey player, joined the Twin Cities Terrors as a skater in 2008.  Larry also referees for the Minnesota RollerGirls and skates with Team SeXY when he can while proudly sporting Himz Skinz made by Derby Skinz.  Having a mechanical mind and understanding how things work do made it a no-brainer to be a roller derby equipment geek.  Larry won't ever tell you to buy something without knowing anything about it, and if you ask a question he doesn't know the answer to, he will research it right away. 

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Now skating with the Minnesota RollerGirls, MEDUSA, an all around athlete, joined roller derby in 2006 not realizing how life changing it would be.  Because of her attention to detail, MEDUSA has earned the nickname "Anal Eyes" from league mates.  She enjoys sharing her derby skills with skaters from around the country and will type your ear off if you e-mail her with any questions, but can be a little shy in person before you get to know her. 

Camel Toni

Camel Toni, a life long skater, has been skating with the North Star Roller Girls since 2006. Long before starting Derby 4 All, Camel Toni had a greater than average obsession with skate gear. While Camel Toni adores all things derby, boot fitting is at the top of the list. Let Camel Toni help you find the skate that is right for you.

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Bruce Knuckle Bio Photo Bruce Knuckle

Bruce Knuckle, long time skateboarder and roller skater, has skated with the Twin Cities Terrors since 2007. Bruce is an expert skate technician. While Bruce is fully knowledgable regarding all gear, skate plates and plate mounting are Bruce's forte. With a strong eye for detail, every mounting is fine tuned for maximum performance.  Bruce (Shane Wallin) is also the owner of Twilight Tattoo.